Saturday, July 14, 2007

Chicken Kaarage

Here's how to make the Fried Chicken Chunks:

Chicken Thighs ( Cut each chicken thigh meat into 6 equal portions)
Then season with light soya sauce, sugar (very little, maybe 0.5 teaspoon), pepper (a few dashes), sesame oil, cooking wine and oyster sauce. (Don't know how much these seasoning I put in, I don't measure. hehe. Just use the 'agaration' method)
I use more soya sauce than oyster sauce. Roughly 5 parts of soya to 1 part of oyster sauce.
Season for a 2 to 3 hrs or overnight.

Before frying, add corn flour into the seasoned chicken. Mix. Then crack an egg. Mix. Then add a few tablespoons of plain flour into the mixture. Mix thoroughly.
How thick you want the batter to be, depends on how much plain flour you add. If the mixture is too dry, you can add a little water.
Then set the mixture aside to rest, say at least 15 mins for the batter to settle well before frying.
Then deep fry.

Serving suggestion: Served with coconut rice, some fried fish balls and asparagus.


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